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What Is A Game Trainer?

A Game trainer is a software application that you run on your computer or mobile to change a game’s addresses in memory to enable cheating and allowing new features and functionality in the game that aren’t normally possible.

A trainer is typically developed for particular games and includes a number of cheat features to enable helpful features. These can involve giving your character ‘unlimited health’, or ‘infinite ammo’ in the game. In order to achieve this, the software edits address in for the game in your PC’s RAM.

Typically, any time a game updates to a new version, the memory addresses the trainer uses will move, meaning that a new version of the software will have to be created for the more innovative game version.

  • Cheat In Single-player Games
  • Cheat In Multi-player Games
  • Get Through Difficult Sections
  • Play The Game In A New Way
  • Give Yourself The Best Equipment
  • Beat The Game At Max Difficulty
  • Disable Frustrating Systems

How To Use Free Trainers?

When your game is running, run the executable for your game trainer. Most trainers have a key that they apply to load into the game, such as ‘F1’. Usually, there will be a read-me or guidance involved in how to load the software accurately.

When the trainer is activated, you can enable or disable any innovations you want to use.

The features of the trainers are normally shown on the interface, along with what key you can use to activate them. Applying different keys you can enable and disable features as you like. If any reason the features don’t seem to work, check the instructions or double-check that the software is for the version of the game you’re playing and not an older update.

Common Trainer Features

Infinite Health

One Hit Kill

Infinite Stamina

Unlimited Ammo

No Reload

Add 10,000 Money

Level Up

Add Items

No Fall Damage

Unlimited Breath

Unlimited Jetpack

Easy (Free) Crafting

Easy (Free) Build

Edit Resources

Infinite Weight


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